Addison Ash is a slow fashion brand based in Adelaide, Australia creating pieces that are fun, flattering, adventurous, and good for the planet.

Addison Ash creates quality, staple pieces and hero pieces elevated by unique artisan trims and applications that will make you stand out from the crowd.

Addison Ash garments are made to be timeless, and to transcend trends rather than follow them. Each collection has been carefully created to work alongside previous collections to expand the possibilities of your wardrobe, so that you’re never short of options. Our pieces are inspired by the wonder of architecture and art and are designed to be dressed up or down to suit all occasions.

“So what is a slow fashion brand?”

A Slow fashion brand at its core, puts quality before quantity, and encourages the purchasing of higher-quality, longer-lasting garments. At Addison Ash we’re proud to be part of the slow fashion movement and we want to play our part in reducing consumption and production in the fashion industry, for the benefit of the planet and all people.

If you’re new to slow fashion, this article by Madeleine Hill for Good On You is a fantastic place to start.

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